For about $200, I have a new tufted Cal-King headboard! (Don’t judge the rest…haven’t found the bedding I want yet)

Here’s what you need to make your own:

  • 2 -4×6 pegboard. It comes in 4×8′ sheets – I used the 2 feet for recovering my bench. (Find it here) $15 each
  • Machine Screws – 100-pack (depending on the number of tufts). I used Everbilt-1/4-in #2 2-in Round-Head Machine Screws (Find ’em here) $8
  • Package of 1/4″ washers – I ended up using them on the front and back. (Find it here) $8
  • Package of 1/4″ nuts (Find it here) $6
  • 3″ foam – Home Depot (Find it here) $50
  • Batting – optional. Not sure I’d use it again.  – JoAnn’s or any fabric store
  • Ikea Curtains – Any kind will do. I used these. I did have to piece the bottom of the headboard because 1 drape didn’t cover it but you can’t tell.  The bigger the piece of fabric the better.  About $70
  • Buttons – depending on how many you need. I got mine at I Like Big Buttons. They are 7/8 inch shank buttons. Pretty easy to use. Get the button tool. 100 buttons were a little less than $20.
  • French cleats to hang it on the wall: (Find ’em here)  Your size & quantity will depend on the size/weight of your headboard.
  • Tools: Saw to cut pegboard. Awl, Phillips head screw driver, serrated edge knife, glue, staple gun

The most difficult part was moving around it because it’s so huge. Another person helping would definitely make it easier.

Keep in mind, the more tufts you have and the deeper the tufts are, more fabric will be needed. I had 6 rows of 8 tufts and 5 rows of 9 tufts (across) so I had 93 tufts.

Start by marking your center on your pegboard. Work from the middle out. This is where you decide how many tufts you want and how many buttons you want to cover.

Mark your tufts from the CENTER out.

Mark your tufts from the CENTER out.


I used 2 piece of pegboard to make it more solid. I duct taped them together (blue edging) and then drilled 1/2″ counter sinks in the back piece of the pegboard so the nuts on the back would set in, and wouldn’t stick out. This is optional.

Then put a marker through your holes to mark the foam to make holes in the foam for your tufts. To make the holes, you can use a serrated blade or I used some kind of melon/fruit core extractor I had in the drawer. I have never used it on fruit, but it is now in my tool box!

Use a knife or fruit core tool to cut out holes for tufts.

Use a knife or fruit core tool to cut out holes for tufts.

Dig out holes for tufts


cut slices into foam for your creases

Cut slices into foam from hole to hole in your diamond pattern, for your creases

Then draw lines from hole to hole in your diamond shape to slice the foam. It makes it much easier to stuff the fabric in the slices to make nice looking diamonds.

I then glued the foam to the pegboard, let it dry and then put batting around the whole thing, stapling it to the back. I don’t think the batting is necessary with thick fabric – I probably wouldn’t use it the next time. I thought it would give a smoother look.  I used a putty knife to squish it into my cuts and the holes.

Batting around the whole thing is optional

Batting around the whole thing is optional

Then lie your fabric over the whole piece, center it and jump in!!  START IN THE CENTER and go out!

1stTuft  IMG_8629-2  IMG_8631-2








Find the middle and push your fabric in the hole. Push your awl through the hole to the back to make a hole in your fabric. (Yes – one photo has lighter fabric! Halfway through the first one I changed my mind about the color!!) I then used the screwdriver to make the hole bigger. Screw in your washer, screw and bolt it from the back.

Make your creases as you go

Make your creases as you go

Stuff the fabric into your foam cuts with a putty knife as you go. Since I was using a velveteen-like drape, I put a piece of shiny fabric over my putty knife so it wouldn’t cut into the fabric or scrape it and make a mark.


Tufts as they’re being made.

Just keep going out from there, stuffing in your fabric, finding the holes, and bolting it in.

I pulled some too tight and had to fix that afterward. It’s not perfect but that’s the way it is.

When I got toward the bottom, I knew I would have to piece it (luckily, there were 2 drapes in the package!) So I just cut the fabric to about 1/2 to an inch of what was needed and stuffed it in to the foam cuts so you can’t see the edges. Bolted it in and you’d never know!


Piecing  Cut-fabric










For the back, I got a cheap piece of muslin and stapled it around. (You can see the nuts on the back).Backing

Covered my buttons and hot glued them in right over those screws!




Now to find bedding…..


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